Tuition Fees




How to secure a place?

To secure a place in the appropriate class for the coming school year you should pay 2500 RMB non-refundable registration fees. In addition the full annual fees or instalment must be paid before a student begins class.

Payment methods

  • Registration Fees cash payments in RMB can be accepted onsite
  • Wire Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer to RMB bank accounts. Any bank and foreign exchange charges will be the responsibility of the payer. Bank account details are printed on all invoices and are available from the Finance Department.

Please make your RMB remittance by direct transfer to our bank account if student applies to International Department(国际部):

学校名称 School Account Name:南京伊顿国际学校

账号RMB Account NO.:520 970 648 497

开户行Bank’s Name:中国银行南京奥体支行

Please make your RMB remittance by direct transfer to our bank account if student applies to CIC department(双语部):

学校名称 School Account Name:  南京威顿幼儿园

账号RMB Account NO.:  522 258 216 554

开户行Bank’s Name:    中国银行南京奥体支行

Please indicate clearly who the funds are from and quote our payment notice number.


The terms in this document are subject to amendment by the school upon 30 days’ written notice being given to a parent.                            


All prices are quoted in RMB. Payment is to be made by one annual fee or by two installments within 2017/2018 Academic Year

Registration Fee of 2500RMB should be paid fully before the first instalment.

Year Level Annual Tuition Fees
N1 PYP ¥100,800
N2 PYP ¥100,800
Reception PYP ¥116,800
Y1 PYP ¥141,800
Y2 PYP ¥141,800
Y3 PYP ¥141,800
Y4 PYP ¥141,800
Y5 PYP ¥141,800
Y6 PYP ¥141,800
Y7 MYP ¥141,800
Y8 MYP ¥141,800
PYP Chinese Immersion ¥58,000
  • Please note admissions for part of the year are charged prorate (per day) according to the annual tuition fees.
  • Parents must pay before 1st of August for the full year school fee or the 1st instalment fee of two instalments. Student cannot start study until the proof of payment has been made.



  • Fee payments must be paid before student starts school day.
  • Tuition fees are invoiced and payable annually. The tuition fees are inclusive of group accident insurance, stationery, textbooks and computer use etc.
  • An option to pay fees in 2 instalments is available upon request.



A     Sibling Discount: 1st child – Full Fee; 2nd child – 10% tuition fee discount, 3rd child – 10% tuition fee discount. Discount applies only to tuition fees and not to other items e.g. bus fees.



Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of RMB 2,500 is required for new students enrolling at EtonHouse International School.

Bus Fee

The cost of bus transportation is not included in the tuition fee. Transportation to and from home if required is available at the following rates (by area):


Distance to School Transportation Fee (RMB)
Within 3km 11,000
3km to 6km 11,500
6km to 9km 12,000
9km to 12km 12,500
12km to 15km 13,000
15km to 18km 13,500
18km to 21km 14,000
21km to 24km 14,500
24km to 27km 15,000
More than 27km To be determined by school


Provision of transportation services for other areas shall be at the school’s discretion at rates to be separately discussed.

Meal Fees:  32 RMB per day

Uniform Fees: The cost of the school uniform is not included in the tuition fee, and is a requirement for admission to the school.

Annual                   Per student

RMB                       700 RMB/set for per student



Please refer to Terms and Conditions Governing Enrolment and Admission.

Please bring the original of all requested documents. The school will make copies as necessary.

  • Copy of parents’ Passport/Household register
  • Copy of child’s Passport/ Household register
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate and passport
  • Child’s Immunisation Record – a copy
  • 2 passport-sized photographs of the child
  • School Transfer Certificate (If student has studied in another school)

Registration forms may be obtained at the schools or from the EtonHouse web site.

Upon registration, your child will be allotted a class and a date of commencement, or be placed on the EtonHouse waiting list. Before your child begins at EtonHouse, confirmation will be sent to you. We will be happy to show you and your family around EtonHouse, introduce you to the staff and explain as much as possible to your child.

This page was last edited on January 17, 2018