School Events


School and Community Events

Primary and Secondary Schools

EtonHouse Nanjing provides numerous events through the year for the holistic development of our students. Events support a variety of learning areas. Dragon Boat festival, Chinese New Year, Children’s Day and One World day provide cultural activities to connect to the world around them; Sports Day, our swimming programme, inter-school competitions and art shows allow students to highlight their talents; Book Week, Science Week and Math Days like 100 days of school allow deeper connections with learning. Extracurricular school activities for students are beneficial in more ways than one.

Our events also support social and emotion intelligence and learning by providing students with experiences to socialise and develop team spirit, to develop time management skills and and awareness of balancing responsibilities. It is important for them to make friends with other students during school events, which is possible by their participation.

Events are also important as a way of obtaining support from our school community. Parents and community groups play a large and important role in the success of our school events.

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