Teaching Staff


Our Academic Staff

Our teachers are all trained as educators, many with degrees above Bachelor level. They come from a variety of countries (Australia, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea) and bring with them a variety of experiences which provides deep enrichment of our educational programmes. Our teachers are supported by a team of local educators who provide assistance in our Early Years classes and teach our Mandarin programme. They compliment our overseas hire staff to provide a great educational experience for our students.


Principal – Mr. Chris Pulling


Mr. Chris is from Australia and he started working in EtonHouse 15 years ago.

Teachers of Early Years programme

Early Year 1 homeroom teacher – Ms. Eelane

Ms. Eelane is Master of teaching(Early Years) and she has worked in Singapore for 2 years before working in EtonHouse Nanjing school.

Early Year 1 homeroom teacher –  Ms. Cherry

Ms. Cherry is from England and she has 8 years teaching experience with students age from 3-12.

Early Year 2 homeroom teacher – Ms. Alecia

Ms. Alecia is from U.S. and she is studying Master degree on Human& Science, she has been in China for 4 years.

Early Year 2 homeroom teacher – Mr. Lyle

Mr. Lyle is from Cape Town, South Africa. He has worked as teacher from 2007 and he received IB Early Year training and PYP Year training from 2012 to 2017.

Early Year 2 homeroom teacher – Ms. Luna

Ms. Luna has more than 24 years teaching experience in Philippines, Thailand and China. She and her husband Mr. Gerry joined  EtonHouse from 2017.

Early Year 3 homeroom teacher – Mr. Mark

Mr. Mark is from U.S. with Master degree of education, and he has 5 years teaching experience in U.S., Thainland and China.

Early Year 3 homeroom teacher – Ms. Ashton

Ms. Ashton is from U.S., and she has worked as English teacher and homeroom teacher in China from 2015.

Teachers of Primary Year Programme

Primary Year 1 homeroom teacher – Mr. Graeme

Mr. Graeme is from the United Kingdom with a Masters degree in education. He has more than 6 years teaching experience in both the UK and in China.

Primary Year 2 homeroom teacher – Ms. Engela

Ms. Engela is from South Africa with Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. She has been working as teacher from 2012 and she has worked as IB-PYP English teacher from 2017.

Primary Year 3 homeroom teacher – Ms. Sarah

Ms. Sarah is from U.S. and she has been working as Pre-PYP teacher and PYP in U.S. and China from 2013.

Primary Year 4 homeroom teacher – Ms. Sophie

Ms. Sophie is a British trained Primary teacher and is it fifth year of her teaching, she has joined EH from 2016.

Primary Year 5 homeroom teacher – Ms. Janis

Ms. Janis is from Canada and she is an experienced teacher. She has tought in South Korea and China from 2001.

 Secondary Teachers

Middle School curriculum teacher – Ms. Denise

Ms. Denise is a creative MYP teacher with managing change to undertake English teaching in China, Afghanistan and Colombia, she has more than 18 years UK teaching experience. Ms. Denise joined EH from 2016.

Middle School curriculum teacher – Mr. Gerry

Mr. Gerry is from Scotland and he has 30 years teaching experience with PGCE certificate. He has been homeroom teacher and English teacher in different international schools in  Thailand and China from 2008.

Middle School curriculum teacher – Mr. Philip

Mr.Philip is from U.S. He is master of Education with teaching experience of Middle school science and math, High school Chemistry and Earth Science.

Middle School curriculum teacher – Mr. Ken

Mr. Ken is from Australia. He has master degree on Information Technology Education and has been working as ICT teacher from 1999.

Middle School curriculum teacher – Ms. Alexa

Ms. Alexa has been homeroom teacher of  Year 9 and teaching Mandarin curriculum. She was working in Thailand for many years and she is very experienced on teaching.


Specialist Teachers

Art teacher – Ms. Shelly

Ms. Shelly is from New Zealand and she has bachelor degree of teaching(Primary school), this year it is her seventh year of teaching.

Music teacher – Mr. Rolly

Mr. Rolly is from Philippines and he has Bachelor degree on Music Education and he is a licensed music teacher. He has been working as Music teacher  from 1993 in Philippine, United States, Combodia and China.

Librarian – Ms. Anita

Ms. Anita is from Australia and she is Bachelor of Education and Master of Librarianship, with more than 20 years teaching experience.

Teachers of Mandarin department(Second language)

Ms. Amber

Ms. Hannah

Ms. Stefanie

Ms. Flora


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